Dr. Garmizo Recognized by Newsweek’s Best Eye Doctors in the Us

Dr. Garmizo Recognized by Newsweek’s Best Eye Doctors in the Us

Dr. Garmizo Recognized by Newsweek’s Best Eye Doctors in the Us

Dr. Garmizo Recognized by Newsweek’s Best Eye Doctors in the Us

Delray Beach, FL, August 19, 2022 – Dr. Gustavo Garmizo has earned a spot on Newsweek’s prestigious list of America’s Best Eye Doctors 2022. Dr. Garmizo consistently earns 5-star ratings on Google where his two optometry practices have received over 770 combined reviews from satisfied patients – Everything Eyes, located in Delray Beach, Florida (just North of Boca Raton), and West Broward Eyecare, located in Tamarac, Florida.

With the publication of Newsweek’s America’s Best Eye Doctors 2022, Dr. Gustavo Garmizo was honored to rank among the 175 best professionals in his field, nationwide.

Interestingly, the data collected in the Newsweek rankings came not from patient reviews, but from other eye care professionals who were surveyed directly. Respondents included ophthalmologists, optometrists, clinic managers, and other eye care professionals, all of whom were asked to weigh in on the most respected and accomplished optometrists and ophthalmologists in their area.

Specifically, respondents were asked to recommend doctors for recognition and to score those doctors based on the three categories: quality of care, continuity of care, and quality of technology used in the doctors’ practices. Eye doctors from all 50 states were eligible to be awarded.

The list was compiled by Newsweek, in partnership with well-known global data research firm Statista. After surveying thousands of eye care professionals, Statista collected and evaluated data on both ophthalmologists and optometrists, narrowing down the nation’s best into the top 175 doctors in each category. 

Respondents’ votes and scores were then weighted according to location (in-state recommendations were weighted higher than out-of-state) and specialty (a recommendation from a professional in the same group, for example, an optometrist, was weighted higher than a recommendation from another type of eye care professional).

A Passion for Eyecare

Dr. Garmizo’s career as an optometrist began at the University of Florida, where he pursued undergraduate studies that would allow him to continue on to the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he earned his Doctor of Optometry Degree, and afterward returned to Florida to complete an externship and two additional years of service at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.  In 1985, Dr. Garmizo founded West Broward Eye Care, which still operates as one of the region’s premier eye care facilities. In 2009, he opened Everything Eyes to serve the communities of Boca Raton and Delray Beach and he continues to see patients at both South Florida locations.

With a passion for quality eye care and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Garmizo specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of ocular diseases. Specialty contact lenses are a major focus in his practice. Even hard-to-fit patients with conditions ranging from post-surgical complications to astigmatism to keratoconus can receive the lenses they need under Dr. Garmizo’s expert care, informed by nearly 40 years of experience in optometry.

In addition to providing optometric care, Dr. Garmizo has served in a number of leadership roles in the field, notably as a Consultant and Examiner for the Florida Board of Optometry, an Examiner for the National Board of Optometry, and as a committee member with the Florida Optometric Association. Currently, Dr. Garmizo works with the Florida Division of Blind Services as a Low Vision Panelist and is an active member of a number of professional organizations at the international, national, state, and local levels, including the American Optometric Association, the National Keratoconus Foundation, and the International Keratoconus Academy, among others.

Top Rated Care in Delray Beach & Tamarac

Newsweek’s recognition of Dr. Garmizo will come as no surprise to patients of Everything Eyes or West Broward Eyecare. The optometry practices, and Dr. Garmizo himself, consistently receive five-star reviews on Google for their exceptional services. Eye care patients near Delray Beach, Tamarac, as well as others throughout South Florida, find incomparable customer service, eye care expertise, and the best selection of eyewear and contact lenses.

On a medical level, Dr. Garmizo and his team of eye care professionals provide a range of essential services, including:

  • Comprehensive eye exams

  • Contact lenses, even for “hard-to-fit” patients such as those with astigmatism, corneal damage, dry eyes, or keratoconus

  • Medical eyecare, for those with ocular and systemic disease

  • Pediatric eyecare

  • Lasik surgery consultation

  • Corneal Refractive Therapy

Ranked on Newsweek’s Best Eye Doctors in the Us

Dr. Garmizo is deeply honored to have been nominated for Newsweek’s second annual America’s Best Eye Doctors report, with only 175 optometrists making the grade out of the entire United States and selected within the top 100 of this exceptional group of eyecare professionals.

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