Signs That Your Child Is Experiencing a Vision Issue

Signs That Your Child Is Experiencing a Vision Issue

Signs That Your Child Is Experiencing a Vision Issue

Signs That Your Child Is Experiencing a Vision Issue

As a parent, one of your top priorities is to see your children succeed in school. Unfortunately, some obstacles, such as undetected vision issues, can hinder their progress. Children rely on their vision to learn, so any impairment can impact their academic performance. Exploring the signs that your child may be experiencing a vision problem is vital.



Frequent Eye Rubbing and Squinting


Frequent eye rubbing and squinting are common behaviors in children with vision issues. When a child rubs their eyes, it could be because of eye fatigue or strain. The discomfort arises from attempting to compensate for blurry or unclear vision. Squinting is a way for the child to narrow their field of vision. It can enhance visual clarity.



Frequent Headaches and Eyestrain 


Children with vision problems often experience headaches and eyestrain after prolonged periods of reading or performing close-up tasks. These symptoms are often due to refractive errors or accommodative issues.


Headaches can result from the extra measure the eyes exert when trying to focus. Eyestrain may occur when the eye muscles get overworked due to the eye’s constant effort to compensate for visual deficiencies.



Holding Objects or Books Too Close


Observing how your child holds objects during tasks can provide insight into their visual health. Your child may have a refractive error if they habitually hold reading materials too close to their face. It compensates for their reduced distance vision. The behavior is often evident during reading or watching television.



Short Attention Span and Reduced Concentration 


A child with an undiagnosed vision issue may exhibit a short attention span and difficulty concentrating. They lose interest quickly or become easily distracted, leading to decreased academic performance. It can also cause challenges in absorbing information presented visually.



Decreased Academic Performance 


Undiagnosed vision problems can impact a child’s academic performance. It can happen when starting school for the first time or entering a new school year. Poor vision can hinder their ability to read, write, and comprehend. It can lead to decreased performance across various subjects.


Children with vision problems may struggle with reading with fluency, comprehension, and accuracy. They may make frequent errors when copying the board. They may also experience difficulties with spelling and handwriting. These challenges can affect their overall confidence and self-esteem. It can lead to a negative cycle of academic underachievement.


Protect Your Child's Vision with an Eye Exam Today


Explore the possibility of vision-related issues if your child’s academic performance declines. Comprehensive eye exams can identify visual barriers to learning and facilitate appropriate interventions. The optometrist will evaluate your child’s visual health and provide appropriate interventions. The professionals will help alleviate these symptoms and improve your child’s visual comfort.


For more information on vision issues in children, visit Everything Eyes at our office in Delray Beach, Florida. Call (561) 499-2055 to schedule an appointment today.

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