When Should My Child Start Seeing an Eye Doctor?

When Should My Child Start Seeing an Eye Doctor?

When Should My Child Start Seeing an Eye Doctor?

When Should My Child Start Seeing an Eye Doctor?

Every parent wants to ensure they give their child a good start in life. Protecting your child’s eye health will help your child see well and learn better. Eye exams are a great way to protect eye health. They allow doctors to detect eye issues early enough when they are easier to treat or manage. The exams also help provide preventive care. 

Comprehensive Eye Exams 

Comprehensive eye exams can help detect eye conditions such as myopia or nearsightedness at an early age. With around 40 percent of children suffering from myopia in the country, early detection is essential.

Without intervention, myopia can progress and cause long-term effects. Eye exams check more than the ability to see clearly - they help determine if the eyes can respond to or understand what they see.  

Scheduling Pediatric Eye Exams  

It is vital to schedule eye exams for infants and young children. Babies may not be able to read an eye chart, but that does not mean they cannot be examined. When it comes to eye exams, it is advisable to start early. Some eye issues can affect an individual’s eyesight for life.

Some eye issues, such as amblyopia and strabismus, are easy to detect, but others are less obvious. Finding an eye issue can stop it from becoming severe and more difficult to treat. Eye exams do more than determine if the child needs eyeglasses; they provide preventive care. 

When Your Child Should See an Eye Doctor

Pediatricians conduct eye exams immediately after birth, but they are limited. Experts recommend that children get a comprehensive eye exam performed by an eye specialist by age one.

Eye exams can detect eye abnormalities, ocular alignment, and other issues. The second exam is scheduled at around three years, or before the child begins school. If the doctor detects signs of eye problems, additional testing is recommended. If there is a family history of eye conditions, eye exams are more crucial. 

Preventing Serious Eye Conditions 

Early exams can help prevent serious eye problems. Undiagnosed eye abnormalities or conditions can cause vision loss. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse some issues if caught early. Lazy eye is a common condition where kids are born with one eye weaker than the other.

It responds well to treatment that may involve using an eye patch, eyeglasses, or eye drops. Crossed eyes is another common condition among kids, where one or both eyes turn outward or inward. An eye patch or special eyewear can help correct the problem. 

Ensure Your Child Gets the Best Eye Care

You can take the following steps to ensure your child receives the best eye care. 

  • Do not wait for your child to start school to schedule an eye exam

  • Consider your family’s eye health history

  • Examine your child’s eyes regularly and take note of any issues that may need attention

  • Schedule an appointment with a pediatric eye specialist

  • Trust your instincts if you suspect your child has an eye issue

Do not hesitate to contact the doctor immediately if you are concerned about your child’s eyesight. 

For more on when your child should start seeing an eye doctor, contact Everything Eyes at our office in Delray Beach, Florida. Call (561) 499-2055 to book an appointment today.

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