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Looking For The Best Eye Doctor in Delray Beach?

by Mar 17, 2021

When it comes to your vision, you want an experienced and knowledgeable eye doctor, and a friendly, caring environment.

Here’s How Everything Eyes in Delray Beach Compares To National Eye Care Chains

While national chains do have hundreds of locations and name recognition from their national advertising campaigns, they often only provide basic eye exam services. Chains aren’t the only option, and they may not be the best choice for everyone. Local private practices like Everything Eyes have a lot to offer.

Eye Care Services

National eyecare chains can provide basic vision checks, but they are typically run more like a corporation than a medical practice that puts care first. Most of their doctors are independent contractors and they tend to have higher turnover than private practices. They also may not be able to provide the same thorough, comprehensive vision care, as a board certified eye doctor with many years of experience in the same location.

At Everything Eyes, you can expect to see either Dr. Golchin or Dr. Garmizo. Due to a low doctor turnover rate, there is a continuation of care that many eye diseases require, as well as a consistency in treatment strategy.

Dr. Garmizo & Dr. Golchin

Dr. Garmizo & Dr. Golchin of Everything Eyes in Delray Beach, Florida

Dr. Gustavo Garmizo is a board certified optometric physician, and the owner of Everything Eyes, who has been practicing since 1985. Years of experience and a forward-thinking approach help Dr. Garmizo offer modern solutions to patients’ eye care needs.

Dr. Amanda Golchin is a board certified optometrist with experience in specialty contact lenses for corneal diseases like keratoconus and post-surgical complications. Dr. Golchin provides up-to-date, evidence-based medical care using the latest available technology.

Together, along with their team of opticians, technicians, and insurance experts, Everything Eyes provides complete vision care services and is conveniently located in South Florida.

Dr. Garmizo and Dr. Golchin specialize in comprehensive eye care and corneal disease in Delray Beach. Services include:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Contact Lens Fittings
  • Contact Lenses for Keratoconus
  • Pediatric Eyecare
  • Corneal Refractive Therapy
  • Lasik Surgery Consultations
  • Emergency Eyecare
  • Medical Eye Care for Patients with Ocular and Systemic Diseases

While some national chains are pressured to fill their daily quota of patients, Everything Eyes is doctor-owned and operated which ensures patients come first. This comes with a specialized understanding of your ocular health – along with the benefit of state-of-the-art equipment and a highly trained and experienced staff.

Everything Eyes is located in Delray Beach, just North of Boca Raton, Florida

Glasses & Sunglasses

You’ll often find a large selection of frames for both glasses and sunglasses at commercial eye care chains but they typically have a focus on low price over style. Chain stores can be contractually obligated to carry only certain brands of glasses and sunglasses – all of which are mass produced.

While some smaller mom and pop opticals have a limited frame selection, Everything Eyes takes finding stylish frames to a whole new level. Their highly experienced opticians travel around the world to find unique frames including the latest in luxury eyewear from the most popular brands including Anne et Valentin, Chrome Hearts, Barton Perreira, Etnia, Fred, Thierry Lasry, Matsuda, Oliver Peoples, Fendi, and more. Their Luxury Collection includes a hand curated selection of the most amazing glasses and sunglasses from all over the world.

And unlike many chain optical operations, the friendly opticians at Everything Eyes are experts at helping you find the perfect frames to fit your face and style to make sure you are seeing well while looking good.

On-Site Optical Lab

Part of the appeal of heading to a chain store for vision care is that you can pick up your glasses and prescriptions on-site. In-house optical labs aren’t just a perk of commercial stores.

Everything Eyes has an on-site lab for precise fabrication and assembly of your prescriptions as well. Plus, the optical team inspects each prescription for accuracy prior to dispensing. The sheer volume at vision chains can mean a long wait or confusion over your prescription, but Everything Eyes’ staff takes the time to ensure quality (and the right prescription).

Personalized Prescription Needs

Corporate or insurance-related mandates limit many chain eye care stores. If your prescription is complex or you have specific needs, you may not be able to get the contact lenses or even glasses that you prefer.

Independently owned and operated optical boutiques like Delray Beach’s Everything Eyes, does not have the same limits as corporate chains. They are free to select the best contact lenses or glasses for your particular eye shape and prescription needs, no matter who makes them. This process, along with their in-house insurance expert, means a personalized prescription with fewer roadblocks.

Contact Lenses

Whether you’ve been wearing contact lenses for years or are ready to give them a try for the first time, selecting the right pair for your needs is crucial for optimum performance and comfort.

The doctors have a wide range of contact lenses to choose from so they meet with reps from various brands to learn about the latest materials and safety studies. Since Everything Eyes is a private practice they are not obligated to stick to certain contact lens brands and therefore have the freedom to choose the best contact lenses for each of their patients.

Patients who are considered “hard to fit” have no trouble getting the contact lenses they need at Everything Eyes. State-of-the-art technology combined with many years of experience allows for highly accurate, custom made scleral contact lenses including medically necessary contacts for patients with corneal disease including:

  • Failed Refractive Surgery
  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal Injury
  • Irregular Cornea
  • Dry Eye Disease
  • High Astigmatism

Even if you need specialty contact lenses or can’t use glasses due to a medical condition, the experts at Everything Eyes can create a custom solution to fit your needs while chain stores may not have the equipment or expertise to help.

Laid-Back Atmosphere

Have you ever felt rushed through your eye care appointment? Do you want board certified eye doctors who give you the personal attention and time you (and your eyes) deserve?

Most doctors have busy schedules. Unfortunately, the volume and pace of chain vision centers can mean less of a personal touch.

But at Everything Eyes, Dr. Golchin and Dr. Garmizo will take the time necessary to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. A friendly team of experts offers concierge service throughout your eye care journey, and there is no catch and no hidden fees. This is evident in their 4.9 star rating on Google with reviews from nearly 200 customers across South Florida including Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

Their concierge service is not volume or commission-based, so you benefit from more thorough personal attention and care, from your initial examination through the entire process to ensure optimum eye care.

How Can I Find an Eye Doctor Near Me?

Are you looking for an eye doctor in Delray Beach, Florida? Everything Eyes is conveniently located in Delray on Jog Road just North of Boca Raton in between Linton Boulevard and Clint Moore Road across from Morikami. They are even open on weekends. For more call (561) 499-2055 or click here to schedule an appointment.


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