The Everything Eyes Team

The Everything Eyes Team

The Everything Eyes Team

The Everything Eyes Team

Erica Wallach

Spectacle Goddess

Glasses Wardrobe: “15 pairs, but I have 5 core ones that I can’t live without.”

​​​​​​​With two optometrists in her family, one can argue that Erica already had her future as an eyewear expert mapped out for her. She is your go-to gal when you have a certain look that you want to accomplish or an issue with your glasses. Erica is a big fan of Tom Ford glasses because they have the right amount of boldness for her face. When she wants a dressier and more polished look, Erica rocks Chrome Hearts. With her bubbly and friendly personality, our patients leave knowing they got the attention that they deserve. Interestingly, Erica is a talented knitter and her guilty pleasure is watching real housewives.

Stella Rabinowitz

Insurance Whisperer

Favorite Brand: “Anne et Valentin, they’re just so classy, feminine, and timeless while still giving a great pop of color.”

As an insurance specialist for years, Stella has learned the ins and outs of many different insurance plans. In addition, she adds a personal touch to customer service. Her secret to success is her patience. Stella is your best advocate to ensure that you maximize your insurance benefits. When she is not working, Stella enjoys reading, cooking, baking and occasionally swimming a few laps around her pool. Her favorite destination so far has been Jamaica. She explains how difficult it was to leave such a beautiful and peaceful place. In the future, she looks forward to visiting Machu Picchu.


Halee Means

Smooth Operator

Favorite Brand: “Maestro OCT, because it is so versatile when it comes to detecting or monitoring ocular diseases. It can image so many different parts of the eye and it takes the photos/scans at the same time – plus it works super quickly!”

What started as a job opportunity from a best friend’s parents, quickly turned into a field of interest. Since Halee worked her way up the optometric ladder, she is well versed in front desk administrative tasks and back office medical demands as well. For this reason, she is our valuable and rare office unicorn who can handle anything that is thrown her way. Halee’s superpower is her speed and efficiency without compromising patient care. When Halee is not working she enjoys the beach with a good book in one hand and even better margarita in the other. She will eagerly join her friends in outdoor activities and so far is adjusting well to her new Florida lifestyle since her move from Virginia.

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